iDempiere Product Management

iDempiere ERP産品管理

  1. ITEM
    Physical goods that you buy or sell: The system will set an inventory for these goods. For example, Shirts and Dress cloth.
  2. Expense Type
    Physical or non physical goods that you buy or sell: The system will not set an inventory for thest goods. For exmple, stationery expenses.
  3. Service
    No physical goods are received or sent when we buy or sell this product type: It is just a service. Fro example, consulting fees.
  4. Resource
    This is like Service, but is restricted in terms of avilability. For example, hiring a consultant who will be avilable for a limited period only.
  5. Asset
Product TypeDr 借Cr 貸
ItemAsset (Product Asset)Not Invoiced Receipt
Expense Type, Service, ResourceExpenses (Product Expenses)Not Invoice Receipt