iROSES is life-long dream of Redhuan D. Oon, the founding leader of ADempiere, and iDempiere’s present community leader. He has made many calls and attempts to form an institute based on certified quality implementations, well documented with measurable benchmarking of their performance, all open, supported by capable and reputed partners who are mutually supportive, respectful of each other’s territory, and sharing a similar goal to uproot SAP evil hold on large ERP software business all over the world. There should be a clear Terms of Reference for large ERP users to examine in light of ill-confidence to use anything new or disruptive from the FOSS world. iROSES seek to produce that with academically recognised citations and references. Failure after failure is never met with surrender and now, after visiting Saarland, he has found a new friend and supporter, Andreas Thiel together with his wife, Eveline Sebaa, who suggested the acronym, iROSES that stands for Institute for Research on Open Source ERP
Software to be based in Saarbrucken with reference clients in Luxemburg, Russia and Slovakia.


我們是一個致力於推廣 iDempiere的非營利組織,秉持著 Open Source 的精神,讓企業在使用ERP時擁有軟體自主權及控制權。